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Zenzen Gardens


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Nestled amidst lush green fields and set against a majestic mountain backdrop, Zenzen Gardens epitomizes tranquility. Spanning 20 acres, this enchanting haven harmonizes nature's splendor with human ingenuity.

Upon entering Zenzen Gardens, your senses awaken to its idyllic allure. The weathered barn stands as a testament to its rich history, doubling as a versatile event space. The Mountain View Stage, a mesmerizing outdoor venue, hosts the Summer Concert Series, offering panoramic mountain vistas and soul-stirring performances.

Savor award-winning wines by Alfred Eames Cellars at the veranda's wine tasting, alongside delectable tapas served during "Thursday Tapas" with guest chefs. Zenzen Gardens isn't just about beauty and entertainment; it's a venue for significant events like weddings, fundraisers, and retreats.

Escape the hustle in professionally designed vacation rentals, from glamping tents to the cozy Violet Cottage and the charming Elderberry Farmhouse.

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