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About Us

I am a Functional Medicine Health Coach, a supportive educator and wellness authority who will help you regain your energy and zest for life through individualized nutritional, movement and lifestyle changes. I will help you to set and achieve your health & wellness goals with a plan specifically tailored for you based on the principle of bio-individuality.

I employ various functional medicine and conventional testing methods in order to build a comprehensive, individual profile to discover nutritional insufficiencies, genetic impairments, food sensitivities and microbial imbalances. I will help you get to the root causes of your symptoms.

Focus Areas:

Asthma & Allergies
Autoimmune Disease
Anxiety & Depression
Headaches & Migraines
Heart Disease
Insomnia & Sleep Disorders
Thyroid/Adrenal & other Hormonal Disorders
Type-2 Diabetes

Rep/Contact Info

John Castella
Functional Medicine Consultant

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