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Visit the Southold Historical Society where you’ll find an entire complex of historic buildings filled with fascinating artifacts from Southold’s earlier days. The Maple Lane Museum Complex on the Main Road in Southold, NY includes the beautiful late Victorian Ann Hallock Currie-Bell house, fully furnished and featuring paintings by artist Thomas Currie-Bell (1873-1946), the husband of the Society’s founder. The house is listed on the State and National Register of Historic Places. Other buildings contain displays of pre-industrial artifacts, along with a collection of sleighs, carriages, and other transportation-related items. You’ll find a Print Shop, Carriage Shop, Blacksmith Shop, Farm Equipment Shed; a c. 1822 School, a Corn Crib and an Ice House. You can also visit the nearby Museum Gift Shop and the Nautical Museum at Horton Point Lighthouse, both maintained and operated by Southold Historical Society.

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