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Choice Training and Coaching Solutions, Inc.


Human Resource Services

About Us

- Are you a leader who is looking for new and evidence-based ways to inspire and engage your team?

- Do you want to be more strategic about your career and gain the confidence to go for what you want?

If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, Janine Friedman, Owner of Choice Training and Coaching Solutions can help. She’ll draw upon her 25 years of experience helping tens of thousands of employees and leaders succeed in a variety of industries (tech, healthcare, law, financial services, engineering, banking, transportation, government, real-estate, non-profit) to bring out your very best.

Janine can help you overcome any obstacles on your journey to success and help you strategically improve your workplace performance with a sense of purpose, engagement, and balance.

In addition, Janine provides customized workplace training facilitation tailored to the unique needs and culture of your organization.

Success is a Choice.

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